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"Julie, if I hadn’t had your support my health and happiness would have continued to decline.  Thank you with all my heart for helping me see what I could be and believe in myself again.  My life has changed for the better in ways I didn’t even hope for."

This woman who could barely walk when I met her is now training for a marathon!

When Sara found me at 47,  she was overweight, discouraged at work and in so much pain she could barely walk.

Our bimonthly sessions were held at a local hiking spot on the South Shore of Boston. I offered to sit with her instead of walking, but she was determined to overcome her obstacles so we walked slowly.

While working with me, Sara changed her diet: juicing every morning and reducing animal products.

Her renewed energy and zest for life inspired her husband to join in her transformation and the two of them embraced new foods, cooking together and strengthening their bond.

She dropped 4 dress sizes and was excited to pick out new dresses for the first time in a decade. Her skin glowed and her smile gleamed!

As her diet changed and her new supplement protocol began, the pain of her joints dissolved. She walked up and down 5 flights of stairs each day at work and her co-workers started to notice. A group of them joined her. She became a leader and an inspiration!

Sara was asked to take on new projects and was promoted at work. She walks into each meeting with purpose and presence.  She’s a new woman now, confident and satisfied.

She reports exciting improvements in her relationship with both her husband and daughter after we identified what had held her back in communicating her feelings.

This woman who could barely walk when I met her is now training for a marathon!

Through lifestyle modifications, her blood sugar is balanced. She lost weight. Over 6 months, she was able to remove one medication for T2D and reduce the other.

Ben doesn’t settle for less than the best from himself and for himself.

When Ben came to me at 45, he was discouraged. He was an athlete in his youth. He works hard for his family and is honored to be the primary provider for them.

He counts his blessings regularly, thankful for his family, his home and his career.

But something was missing. He was feeling melancholic, uninspired at work, unfamiliar with the soft body that now replaced the athlete of his younger days.

He wanted to feel vibrant again. He wanted to walk into meetings with the confidence of one who knows he’s in control of his health and his life.

Ben is action and goal oriented so he got to work right away. We cleaned up his diet, bringing in lots of exciting new recipes based around some favorite foods he shared with me. Strengthening bonds in the home was a goal, so Ben cooked at home with his daughter and shared many laughs in the kitchen while inspiring her to take good care of her body as well.

Boundaries were created to make sure he knew when work stopped and personal life started.

He made dates again with his wife. He journalled daily to observe his transformation and be a student to his own habits and epiphanies.

Before the program, Ben had trouble falling asleep. Now journaling, meditating, deep breathing, and music create an environment where good sleep and good health are natural consequences.

When I help clients get back to exercise, we always start with the question, “what do you enjoy?”, and “What physical activities did you love to play as a child?" Ben was no exception and he found a freedom and a youthful feeling by reconnecting to his childhood passion of basketball. Weights, running and b-ball were brought back into the fold, and protected in the calendar.  Ben got the guys together for a game which was so long overdue!

He kept a vision board to stay clear on his intentions.

His kitchen smoothie setup replaced the coffee setup.

By eating real whole foods again and enjoying their innate flavors he lost his sweet tooth.

And when we had a spiritual heart to heart about how valuable he is just for being Ben, he told me he got goosebumps because that’s the way his grandmother spoke to him and helped him see his light. We created a plan so he wouldn’t lose sight of it.

He shared with me that in the pursuit of being his family’s superman, he lost himself. He fell out of touch with his own needs. This is a common good guy trap I find men fall into. For too long, he didn’t find time for his favorite hobbies or getting together with friends like he did before he started a family. We talked about giving himself permission to listen to what Ben wants and needs.

Now, Ben doesn’t settle for less than the best from himself and for himself. Through our exploration, he’s decided that he doesn’t have to accept mediocrity. Nor does he have to be unkind to himself when he notices something isn’t up to his standards.  Compassion for himself was a critical piece and one he hadn’t considered before. Compassion and accountability became Ben’s new best friends. With his new perspective, he inhabits a life of purpose and joy.

Joy and grace are hers again.  What a delight this was to watch unfold!

At 55, Beth came to me anxious, unhappy with her body and fresh from the doctor with new diagnoses and pills to take.  Yet, she was not accepting any of it. She asked for a plan to reverse her high blood pressure and cholesterol through natural means and help her get a diet and exercise routine she could enjoy. She had heartache and worry that kept her up at night and away from activities she once enjoyed.

By first caring for her emotions and helping her create space to honor her feelings while healing them, we set the stage for a true transformation.

I optimized healing with a nutrition plan targeting her health concerns. She loved playing in the kitchen and creating fresh, healing dishes from foods that come from the earth. In doing so, Beth successfully regained control over her blood pressure and cholesterol numbers so that those medicines could be removed!

She also easily exceeded her weight loss goal in a healthy, beautiful way by changing diet, hydrating, reducing stress and choosing exercise that celebrated her divine body rather than punishing it.

Finding a calm state of peace through meditation, yoga breath techniques and connection with nature, Beth learned to gain control of her anxiety and depression so she could participate in life again!

Joy and grace are hers again. What a delight this was to watch unfold!

Joy, success, and a state of calm are waiting for you.

It warms my heart to guide these clients and so many more towards greater health and happiness in this precious life.

Reach out if the time is right for you to get the support you deserve to step into the life you are here to live.


"I highly recommend Julie to anyone who is looking to take their health into their own hands while gaining the most valuable emotional and physical support that will carry you through life.There have been so many great changes since we started working together. Julie, I can’t thank you enough. You’ve truly changed my life."

You can change your life in just six short months.

Selia was sad, anxious, tired and frustrated when we first met. Professionally and personally burnt out, she grew tired of trying everything she could to obtain clear skin and healthier work-life balance. She knew she needed a change.

When she decided to work with me for private coaching, we dug deeper to determine her root cause for skin and anxiety issues.

In just six short months, Selia's mindset and self-esteem soared dramatically. She no longer wants to quit her job, feels better in her skin, has more self-compassion, has more energy, and is able to be more present in her relationships. With the tools shared, Selia is also better able to nimbly handle and manage her anxiety.

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