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beauty and comfort

Feel YOUR BEST in Your Skin

What if I told you there are some lifestyle changes that you can make right now, that will make you much more comfortable?

Feeling comfortable, healthy and happy is key to creating a vibrant life at any age. And, I'm here to support you with solutions and methods to nourish both body and soul — so that you continue to show up with full power in your 40s, 50s, and beyond! This is a glorious time of life! Our bodies shift again as we experience menopause, and the freedom that comes with it. (Yes, I said freedom!) You see, I'm changing the narrative surrounding menopause. I want women to feel informed and empowered to embrace this season. Now is the time where you can and should feel totally feminine, sexy and confident.

The classes I've created, Comfort and Beauty, will take you step by step on your path to achieve optimal health, allowing you to shine from the inside out! I’ll lead you in mindset and planning exercises to redirect habits that support you fully.

I want you to feel your best! Elated. Energized. Relaxed. Now is the perfect time to prioritize yourself.


Starts October 5, 2022 at 4pm ET

Change your relationship with your body with wellness classes designed to transform how you feel from the inside out! We'll cover:

  • Hot Flashes + Night Sweats
  • Mood
  • Sex + UTIs
  • Sleep
  • Bone Loss


Starts January 4, 2023 @ 4pm ET

Let your authentic self shine with wellness classes designed to support healthy hair, skin, and body! We'll cover!

  • Weight Gain + Bloating
  • Skin + Hair
  • Energy
  • Mid-Life Awakening
  • Heart Health

You deserve to put your best self forward.

bundle and save

Get access to both Beauty & Comfort classes and save.

Make the time to focus on You

In just 45 minutes over 6 weeks, you will have all the tools to continue to feel like the best version of YOU — and all the support from an amazing group of women!

what women are saying...

"I am nearly through my first program with Julie and in leafing back through my journal pages I cannot believe what’s happened in the last five weeks! Joining a group program to get some help with health and lifestyle was exciting, actually seeing a difference in my greatest area of struggle has me speechless. Having healthy boundaries is something that I have received advice, solicited and not, from many of my closest people over the years. Putting it into practice feels like it happened so fast, and it actually works! Being in a small group of people with common goals was so supportive, and giving them support helped me remember that I deserve this too! Thank you, Julie, so much."

—Kathryn, 45

about julie hudson, chhc

Drawing from a background in psychology and nutrition, Julie's known in the A-list circle as the "Supernanny for Your Health" and "Queen of Reverse Aging."

Julie is regularly featured in many publications such as Medium and Elephant Journal. She’s the go-to coach for Spartan Race.

When Julie’s not on stage or conducting VIP weekends and retreats, she’s making mischief and adventure with her two boys. Learn more about Julie and the life-changing transformations she co–creates at juliehudson.com.

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