Welcome. I’m Julie, a Plant-based Holistic Health Coach here and excited to help you get your GLOW back and feel VIBRANT again.

I love working with successful, action-oriented, witty people (like you) who are ready to make health a priority — especially if you haven’t been.

Working with someone like me on your health is the edge you’ve been missing that will dramatically improve your quality of life. And it’s never too late to try this, I promise. You’ve worked hard for the life you’ve built – and I want you to live in it as long as possible.

And, by the way, I think you’ve now realized that health is not just about eating salad more often —- and that weight loss is just the beginning.

So, if you’re done banging your head against the wall, because you look better on paper than you do in pants, I’m ready to help you to start living a life that’s more healthy and fits in with your existing lifestyle.

It’s time for you to walk in and OWN the room – because you’ve got it together.

Before I applied the principles I share with you in my programs, I had terrible acne, drank way too much coffee to get through the day and was just surviving at work. Flash forward to now – I jump out of bed with excitement to do meaningful work each day. So when I say I get where you’re coming from, I absolutely mean it.

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