Welcome. I’m Julie, a Holistic Health Coach here and excited to help you.

I like working with interesting, intelligent, witty people (like you) who are willing to grab the reins and do what needs to be done to get out of their slump.

This is about upgrading ALL aspects of your life – and goes way beyond weight loss.

You’re not getting where you want to be getting despite all your training, accolades, and degrees – have you taken a look at yourself? How are you improving yourself and not just your resume?

Yes, this is the edge you’re missing right now.

If you’re banging your head against the wall, because you’re just not at the level where you know you should be, I’m ready to have the tough conversation with you to start living a life that’s more healthy and fits in with your existing lifestyle.

I want to give you your GLOW back. Feel VIBRANT.

Walk in and OWN the room – because you’ve got it together.

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