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Certified holistic health practitioner,
former runway model and corporate
refugee. But most importantly,
I'm your biggest fan.


A small-town girl, at 18 I was modeling in the BIG city. (The Ford Agency in NYC asked me to come work with them but because of a crippling relationship, I decided to stay small.)

Can you relate???

How many times have we stayed small and put ourselves last?

So here’s why I’m a unicorn. By 19 I had my Real Estate license and was selling properties in Boston, living in a swanky penthouse on Newbury Street all while putting myself through college (with honors…had to throw that in!) and joined Big Pharma.

At first, I thrived…so much so that I climbed to #1 IN THE COUNTRY! Absolutely loved it, equally enthralled by the data and the debate, but (isn’t there always a BUT!) it became clear that patients' general health still declined on our medicines and the company was too large to be interested in innovative ideas.

two things
were killing me:

the emptiness
the deceit: performance based love and approval

have you ever heard of

shiny object syndrome?

Things always looked shiny from the outside, but at my lowest low, I’ve had times when I was indifferent to life. I had acne, chronic back agony, and bouts of abdominal pain so severe it caused me to pass out, once while driving on the highway alone.

I came from a family where I was asked to follow the rules and play small-but I just can’t do it. Realizing that the key players in my life would never care about my well-being, I had to break free and put myself first. I abandoned everything in my life but my kids to get real with myself and pursue my truth and my purpose. I had to be my own hero.

And learn to trust myself again.

By developing my own roadmap to health and freedom, I’m now, in my late forties, healthier and more at peace than ever! I learned to love myself healthy, a method I’m now called to share with you.

I once was just as critical of myself as my “loved ones” were of me.

Now I am living in the moment, with joy, gratitude, forgiveness, health and abundance!
I feel decades younger than I am.


Being healthy and putting myself at the top of my priority list is now the standard of self-care that I live by and I will help you create a life where you’re in charge of your health and happiness.

it’s never
too late
to realize
your worth.

Turning 50 is right around
the corner for me,
and I don’t shy away from that.
If you’re in your 40s, 50s or 60s
now is the perfect time
to prioritize yourself.

so here’s what i’ve learned

  • artichokewhite

    A whole foods, plant-based diet is the one that heals body and soul, letting us live out our dreams.

  • artichokewhite

    That overcoming my biggest scariest fears and finding my voice were liberating and important life lessons.

  • artichokewhite

    That I am as strong as I need to be and as soft as I want to be.

  • artichokewhite

    That I have the power to overrule the negative thoughts that try to permeate my mind, for they are not my own.

  • …and I can teach you all I’ve learned so you, too, can step into a life of health and happiness, one habit at a time.

it’s time to

love yourself healthy

"Julie takes the time to really get to know you and understand your unique needs. The regular check-ins help me stay on track, tweak things as new issues come up (I have chronic autoimmune disease) and provide the encouragement I need to try new things. I highly recommend Julie to anyone looking to positively change their life. You will be surprised what you can achieve with her knowledge, guidance and support."
- Kelly, 37
"I would recommend Julie to anyone who is seeking to improve their relationship to food and overall healthy living including stress reduction. Julie is highly knowledgeable and takes seriously her responsibility to continually educate herself, which translates into an experience for the client that feels thorough and informed."
- Lorelle, 41
"Since starting the program I have changed my outlook on food to view it as fuel. I have lost 20 lbs. I would recommend Julie to people who are serious about changing their health. Julie is the best decision I have made for myself in a very long time."
- Chris, 50
"Julie reinforced my knowledge that foods can heal. She helped me to have the confidence to make changes to improve my health. She encouraged me to be true to myself and do things that bring me joy. I will be able to use the tools she’s given me to continue working on healing and living a healthy lifestyle- mind, body and soul."
- Cheryl, 49
"Julie was able to help me work toward my goals by providing accountability, endless knowledge, and a positive attitude. I would recommend her to all my friends and family."
- Christian, 33
"I was sad, anxious, tired and frustrated when I first met Julie. I was burned out with my current routines with trying to obtain clear skin, tirelessly aiming to find ways to obtain work, life balance and needed a change. With her knowledge, guidance, positivity and caring attitude my life has been changed forever. Julie helped me to not only gain more confidence in getting to the root cause of my skin and anxiety concerns but encouraging me to dig deeper looking at the whole picture."
- Selia, 32
"I would describe Julie as a warm and caring coach who helps to create a sustainable and healthy lifestyle based on current research and practical application. Julie was able to help me work toward my weight loss and cholesterol goals by helping me to take ownership of my overall health and piece together the components of a healthy lifestyle that fit my busy schedule. I would recommend Julie to anyone who is ready to take ownership of their overall health."
- Ted, 49
"The most significant overall change I have noticed has been a huge calm and an enlightened sense of where “primary food” (the people and experiences in life) is the main sources of life’s nourishment. Secondary food (what we eat) allows the body to participate in primary existence. I would describe Julie as extremely knowledgeable- kind, deeply sensitive and helpful for an individual’s needs. I would recommend Julie to anyone looking to improve the quality of their life."
- Marissa, 49

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